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Doctors Talk About Training

Here Is What Participants in Dr. Gordon’s Certificate of Completion Training Say:

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What I hear patients say the most is, “I haven’t felt this good in years.”

  “Turn Bob loose. He is one of the best presenters I have seen in 25 years and hundreds of seminars!”

  “I feel this was the best seminar I have ever taken. Finally, a tangible course that we can apply today to better help our patients.”


  “It is a great tool for those chronic & unresponsive patients. It is a great portal of entry to multidiscipline practice.”

  “The wave of the future of chiropractic in management of chronic pain.”

 “It will enable patients to improve their quality of life.”

 When It Comes To MUA Courses, “The Difference Is Like Night And Day.”

I have just completed the MUA course and proctorship taught by Dr. Robert Gordon and Cornerstone Professional Education, Inc.   I had already been through an MUA course taught by a different physical and manual medicine organization through a different academy and the difference is like night and day.

The other course was educational, but not nearly as professional, informational and as well respected as the program developed and taught by Dr. Gordon. Dr. Gordon is the “guru” when it comes to MUA and its chiropractic applications. The knowledge, research, proctorship application and professionalism exhibited and practiced by Dr. Gordon and Cornerstone is unmatched. The rapport with the surgical centers involved, its anesthesiologists, nurses and staff are first class and a tribute to Dr. Gordon’s 15 years of evolution, research, and hard work in developing this premiere program and procedure.

The other MUA programs have really dropped the ball through weak faculty, inconsistencies in information and literature, lack of proper information regarding billing procedures, as well as poor relations with hospitals and surgical center proctorship protocols.

There is only one tried and true MUA program for the chiropractic profession, and it is the MUA program provided by Dr. Robert Gordon and Cornerstone Professional Education. After all, Dr. Gordon “wrote the book on it!”


James J. Gaudet, DC

Gaudet Chiropractic Center

Macon, Georgia


Thank you a million for making last weekend’s seminar such an educational and enjoyable one. I appreciated the organization and depth of information you provided, and the atmosphere in which the seminar took place was outstanding.

Dr. Dickman and I performed our first two MUAs together this morning. We did two full spines, plus a shoulder. The procedures went very well, and the MD who performed the anesthesia for us was very impressed with the technique. He even commented about how rigorous the protocol was. We are scheduled for two more days in that center and look forward to performing more MUAs as they are deemed appropriate.

I feel I have added a valuable procedure to my armament of care and have you to thank for it.

Jack M. Bourla, DC

Providence Chiropractic Center

Redwood City, California