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MUA Training Tips



Gordon MUA is the ONLY MUA course teaching evidence-based recordkeeping – the ONLY kind of recordkeeping that insurance carriers are recognizing. 
Remember, the patient’s past medical records MUST MATCH your diagnosis and correspond to the areas being treated with MUA.  And you must have the correct CPT codes and ICD-9 codes or you will be denied. (To avoid reimbursement issues, try MUA Reporting and Documentation Templates – click here to see more!)


Not all MUA courses are alike. One of the worst things you can do is take instruction from somebody who has been inadequately trained or who has performed just a few procedures. 

Gordon MUA training is based on more than 20 years of MUA research. Robert C. Gordon, D.C., ABCS, FRCCM, FABCS, DAAPM, has performed more than 5,000 procedures and trained and proctored more than 2,000 doctors of all disciplines. He has also written the only recognized text on the subject.

Gordon MUA training requires a little more time and effort. When you finish the Gordon MUA Training, you will be ready, willing and able to successfully practice MUA.


The MUA technique advances constantly. To paraphrase, your father’s MUA is not anything like today’s MUA procedure.

First, tremendous advances in monitored anesthesia care have made MUA much more effective and available to more qualified patients.

Plus, the specialized adjustment techniques are also advancing all the time. Dr. Gordon is at the forefront of the MUA field and MUA research, and brings new techniques and innovations to his students with every class.

Don’t settle for antiquated instruction.


Insurance carriers recognize Dr. Gordon as the leading MUA expert. 

If something regarding MUA is happening in the insurance industry, Dr. Gordon either knows about it, or helped set the standard.

Understanding the insurance carriers and what they require is the key to reimbursement and fair compensation.

You will want Dr. Gordon on your team when it comes to getting paid for the healing services you bring to your most chronic pain patients.


Dr. Gordon leads the effort to establish MUA as a safe and effective modality to eliminate and reduce chronic pain. 

He, his colleagues and his students are working to establish national measures of excellence and strict protocols for MUA procedures and practitioners.

Challenges to the efficacy of MUA and MUA practitioners damage all of us.

Be part of the solution by taking proper training.