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MUA Training

Learn The Most Up-To-Date MUA Techniques  And Get Prepared To Receive Your Certificate Of Training In Just 4 Days. Take 90 Seconds To Browse The Class Agenda. Then Register.


Dr. Gordon (The Gordon MUA Technique) is a presenter in the field of MUA.  CEUs and Certificates of completion are provided by Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU).  Dr. Gordon, and partner, Dr. Donald Alosio teach regularly in different locations. Gordon MUA covers the history, evidence based scientific basis; evidence based documentation,  and practical use of MUA. Unlike other “speed courses,” Gordon MUA training requires 4 days of instruction and proctoring to become eligible for a certificate of training, hospital or ambulatory surgical staff privileges and actual MUA proficiency.

With Gordon MUA training, doctors go through all the steps of successful MUA treatment: they learn the proper methods of documenting cases and securing insurance approval; observe the procedures on patients provided by local physicians in the area where the training is taking place, and learn how the documentation from those actual cases should be applied in their practices when they finish their training..  And they are required to present an actual grand round presentation of a case that they would do in their practice applying only those portions of the actual procedures taught in workshops as part of the “condition” that they present during grand rounds.  Unlike some would have you believe, Gordon MUA does not teach now, nor have we ever taught that the full spine and every joint in the body that is taught as part of the learning workshops should be applied to every patient that comes in for MUA.  Only this level of hands-on training and proctoring can prepare doctors for legitimate MUA practice.


Cornerstone provides complete doctor support with MUA training materials that are the most current in the industry. Dr. Gordon’s textbook is the standard for education in the Gordon MUA technique and class materials focus on sound evidence based reference and documentation.  Cornerstone also provides procedural technique videos on DVD, Powerpoint presentations, MUA literature for facilities and other pain professionals, as well as patient education materials and patient recruitment advertising services through an affiliate to help build your MUA practice.

As a new addition to the Gordon MUA Training, 4 hours of Documentation  2 hours of Risk Management, and 30 hours of General Medical/Chiropractic are being applied for in each state.


A significant difference between Gordon MUA and all other MUA instruction is what happens after training. There are usually a lot of questions, such as: How do I achieve hospital staff privileges? How do I find a facility partner in my area? How do I handle billing issues? How do I educate patients?

With other programs there are no answers. With Gordon MUA there are. Practitioners who receive their certificate of training  in Gordon MUA benefit from Dr. Gordon’s vast experience in facility relations, the insurance industry, patient education and the many other issues doctors face when getting their MUA programs up and running.


And now, with the eidtion of Dr. Donald Alosio, Dr. Gordon’s partner, Cornerstone is the leading MUA company to teach, consult and perform the MUA procedure in the United States.

The goal of Cornerstone Professional Education is to offer patients the best alternative pain management care available by providing the resources doctors need to make MUA an effective part of their practices.

“No amount of experience in the office setting will qualify a physician for manipulation of the patient under anesthesia. No hospital should permit the physician to perform such manipulation until he has been observed and has received supervision and the approval of an experienced operator who himself has been previously approved by certification and hospital proficiency standards” (Siehl-Bradford, 1952).

Cornerstone Professional Education Inc.


MUA courses are taught in ambulatory surgical center and/or a hospital with the potential of attaining full staff privileges. CEUs and certificates of completion are provided by Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU). Instructor is Dr. Robert Gordon, D.C., FABCS, FRCCM, DAAPM,  and/or Dr. Donald Alosio, D.C., FABCS, FRCCM both leading the nation as  foremost authorities in MUA.

Upon course completion, an application will be submitted for you to receive 36 hours of CEU credit.