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Potential MUA Patient Information

Patient Information


Dr. Robert Gordon is the leading practitioner and provider of Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA) in the United States.  He has performed or taken part in over 7,000 procedures since 1985, and has lead the way in teaching advanced procedures and instruction in the MUA procedure for almost 30 years.


As a patient, if you are looking for relief of pain and dysfunction that is structural (musculoskeletal) in origin….MUA may be the answer for you.


Dr. Gordon has completed hundreds of procedures on the Spine….but has lead the way with new techniques in the area of TMJ, Shoulder MUA, Elbow and Wrist problems, Knee problems, hip and low back problems, and more recently, Pelvic Pain Syndrome problems.


If you are suffering from Pelvic Pain Syndrome, chances are you are a female in your mid to late 40′s, or of child bearing age and have had children.  You suffered from low back pain for a number of years, since child birth, and you are now having unexplained pelvic pain that the gynecologist can’t figure out because it isn’t related to the usual gynecological problems.


Dr. Gordon has been researching Pelvic Pain for almost 8 years now and has discovered that there is a pattern of pain in these types of patients that indicates that following child birth, when there was a tremendous amount of contracture and rotational force being applied to help bear the child, even when an epidural was given, that structural change occurred in the Pelvic basin and the two innominate bones making up the pelvic basin.  Following child birth, this abnormal rotational change in the pelvis was never corrected in many women, and now that they are older, the pain and dysfunction that has mimicked low back pain is in fact a pelvic distortion problem.


Dr. Gordon has developed a procedure for Pelvic Pain that helps to gently rotate the pelvic bones and Pelvic basin back to a more normal position while the patient is under deep IV sedation (MUA).  He is in the process of writing a research paper on this topic since the results have been extraordinary.  When accomplished, the female patients usually experience not only improved movement and decreased pain in the pelvis, but the low back improves exponentially as well.


This procedure (Pelvic procedure) also works on the male patient as well and in many cases it has been found in the male patient that the pelvic distortion was caused by rotational moves like pitchers, golfers, basketball players, and week-end warriors who rotated the pelvis in a forceful manner, and never had the pelvic distortion corrected and are now experiencing low back pain which seems to radiate to one side but does not follow a disc type pattern of pain.


This and many other problems that seem not to be able to be helped, like TMJ wrist and ankle problems specifically, are specialties of Dr. Gordon, and the patients respond extremely well with very little residuals following post care, and a return to a more normal healthy life style with activities of daily living.


If you have one of these problems as listed above, and you have tried other avenues of care with minimal results, why not leave a message on our web site and let Dr. Gordon talk with you.  He practices MUA in St Pete, Fl, in Pompano, Fl and in the NJ area with his partner Dr. Don Alosio.


Manipulation Under Anesthesia for Lumbopelvic Pain: A
Retrospective Review of 18 Cases
Douglas J. Taber DC a,⁎, Gary D. James PhD b, c, Alain Jacon


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